Volunteer Experience:


Thank you for Volunteering!

Because of you,  Project Give is able to Donate funds directly to educational scholarships and to our partnering local non-profits, charities, schools and churches. 

Volunteers are placed with a Project Give Team Leader.  Each team typically has 5 people.  You can volunteer with a group of current friends and/or make new friends depending on when/how you sign up.  You are able to select dates, times, and even the position that best fits you!!  Simply click New Volunteer Registration  at bottom of this page and register to become an independent volunteer or include the name of your organization and help that organization.

Your volunteer time will be credited to whichever partnering local Non-Profit, Charity, School or Church you select.  If you are a student or other individual who needs volunteer hours, Project Give can provide you with a printable form which will show the volunteer hours you have accumulated.  These are available monthly and are a great record keeping system for College Scholarships!

The Volunteer experience is an integral part of this program.  Each  partnering local Non-Profits, Charities, Schools and Churches provide a minimum of 36 volunteer hours a month.  The  partnering local Non-Profits, Charities, Schools and Churches are given money based on your volunteer time.

Volunteer dress code is set based on department.  All store volunteers are asked to wear pants or jeans as well as collared tops.  We ask our volunteers to dress nicely.  There should be no disrespectful words, art, etc. on the outfit.  Shoulders must be covered as well as stomachs.  No halter tops or shirts/tops/dresses that leave the shoulders or midriff exposed.  If volunteering for the sorting department, shorts that are longer on the legs then the tip of ones fingers when standing straight with arms hanging loosely to the side.  Project Give reserves the right to ask any person showing up not properly dressed to change.


Special notes regarding Volunteering Minors:  

Volunteering minors are placed in positions that maintain highest visibility and safety standards.  Minors are encouraged to work in a team with non-minor relatives.  We will also have teams that are entirely minors.  Again, we make every effort for the safety of all people of all ages.  Every minor must have a Volunteer release form signed by their legal guardian.  All Project Give Team Leaders have been screened, fingerprinted and have passed the "Safe Environment Training".  Unfortunately due to the massive amount of volunteers we are not able to screen every Volunteer, please note this when signing up to volunteer. 

All Volunteers will need to sign a release form prior to volunteering with a form of ID.   

Project Give Team Leaders have the authority to ask any Volunteer to leave if they feel there is a possible conflict or inappropriate behavior of any sort.

Returning Volunteer